Why I love what I do

I love what I do because I deliver hope in the face of brokeness. There is nothing more satisfying, more rewarding, than the feeling of connecting with another human being. I love connecting with the pain of another person, and giving them encouragement. I love being an example of how there is light beyond the darkness of trauma, crisis, and heartbreak. I love being an inspiration of healing and restoration. I love people.

A former manager once asked me, “what area of law do you hate the most? I can take those cases from you to make your load lighter.” I took this question very seriously. My other colleagues rushed to the opportunity to offload cases they hated, areas of law they did not want to practice. At the time, I was a generalist and handled all sorts of cases. Taking the question seriously, I responded “I can’t think of an area of law I hate. I do what I do because I love my clients.”

Oh believe me…I have certainly had my share of difficult clients, no doubt. However, my love for them, for their humanity, their suffering, has always been the fuel to push me past the limits of challenging circumstances. I love what I do because I love being a human being. I love sharing my authentic self with real people. I love delivering real solutions to difficult problems. I love my clients.

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