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Jen called us because she and her husband wanted an uncontested divorce. They didn’t want it to be expensive or nasty. They had simply reached a point where they were both resolved their marriage was over. So they tried a DIY divorce.

Soon they became overwhelmed. They had a house and were not sure how to address it in he paperwork, There was a 401K that needed to be divided. And how in the world do you figure out the child support worksheet?

We provided Jen with a general strategy for addressing the property and the child support. She and her husband, Kevin signed up for our collaborative divorce process. We efficiently tied up the loose ends of their settlement agreement. Rather than having an open ended arrangement with the house simply “going to the wife,” we built in comprehensive language that gave Jen time to refinance and Kevin a sense of relief that he would not remain on the mortgage.

Jen and Kevin were on the same page about both parents remaining in the children’s lives. So the parenting plan they fashioned had liberal tome sharing for both parents, which relieves some of the stress from the kids in their newly restructured family. Finally, we simply made the child support worksheet match their agreement, which was fair, and manageable for each side.

Because we were able to finalize the divorce according to their county court’s requirements, the divorce was granted in about 45 days. We researched the 401K requirements and obtained the QDRO on their behalf once we got the divorce granted. The decision to divorce was not an easy one for ether of them. Nevertheless, with our help, they avoided some of the common pitfalls in DIY divorce, saved money in the process, and obtained the legal result they agreed upon.

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